My grandbaby ‘wig’gles out

A funny coincidence occurred during the publishing of Santa Claus Meets the Tooth Fairy: my oldest granddaughter, who is six, came to visit with her mom and younger siblings for three weeks this past summer. They were here when I received word that our book was being published.

I read it to my grandbaby, and she loved it. I told her that I made the little girl in the story look like her. When she arrived, she was all excited to show me her first loose tooth. She must have shown everyone a dozen times per day how she could wiggle that tooth with her tongue. Well, wouldn’t you know, one night at a church program, she lost her first tooth, too!

She was crazy excited. Her tooth was wrapped up in a tissue and put in mommy’s purse.

Although I offered her my extra tooth fairy pillow to use that night to await the arrival of the Tooth Fairy, she opted to save her tooth to take back to Oklahoma the next day so that her daddy could see it before she let the Tooth Fairy have it. I have pictures of her sticking her tongue through her tooth vacancy, just like the little girl in my story did.

I love this real life connection to the story that her mommy and I began so many, many years before we even knew grandbabies would exist in our future.


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