Finding the Fun in Fundamental

Reading is fundamental. We hear this statement repeatedly as students and teachers. This post and my next two posts will break down that word: fun-da-mental.

Two little girls readingFor those of us who love it, reading can really be fun. It lets us experience worlds and emotions that we could never hope to encounter in the number of days allotted to us on earth. We can learn to be better human beings by learning through the eyes of other characters. We can be better citizens of our global family by learning through the experiences of those outside our own cultures.

Life is more fun when you’re more involved and aware.

As educators – both parents and professionals – it’s our job to get students to buy into this aspect of reading. Sometimes this just means getting a student to connect with a genre that captures his or her imagination and makes reading fun: comic books, graphic novels, the Junie B Jones series, the Twilight series, or even Facebook and Twitter.

Sometimes this means valuing the writings of students and letting them share and comment on each other’s works. I had great success with this as a teacher. In fact, once each grading period, I would let five students from each of my four classes invite a parent to a Writers’ Lunch. At this lunch, students would read a work of theirs that they had selected and invite feedback from the audience. It’s amazing how much this encouraged students to read and revise each others’ works. This makes reading and writing fun.

Be sure to come back later this week to break down “da” and “mental”.


5 thoughts on “Finding the Fun in Fundamental

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  2. Renee C.

    What a great idea as a teaching tool for budding writers! I think that hearing positive feedback as well as helpful critical feedback would be so encouraging to children. Writing is such a personal thing and it takes courage to put yourself out there as an author. I can imagine how challenging, but motivating that would be for kids in school!

    I’m visiting from the Kid Lit Blog Hop and I’m just thrilled that you linked in this week. I’m now following you via email and Facebook (I already follow you via Twitter). Have a lovely weekend. Cheers!


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