The Excitement of Losing those Baby Teeth

Losing baby teeth is not as easy as it looks. Usually it takes days of pushing and prodding with one’s tongue and jiggling it back and forth with one’s fingers to finally get it out. Even when it’s just dangling by what seems like a thread, it doesn’t want to let go. This is the experience I tried to recreate in the beginning of Santa Claus Meets the Tooth Fairy. The experience of losing those baby teeth remains with both parents and children

In fact, on the first day that Michael Strahan co-hosted on the Live with Kelly and Michael  show, Sept 4, 2012, they discussed this same topic. It was so poignant and humorous to hear of their own children’s experiences with those dangling teeth. One of them even related a time when a child attached a string to a loose tooth and the other end of the string to an electronic airplane to get the tooth to pop out.

2 lost uppers


Do you remember using unconventional means to get those baby teeth out? I just remember getting a clean handkerchief from my Dad’s drawer and wrapping it around the loose tooth to get a good enough grip to yank it out. I still remember the fresh smell of that hankie.  A favorite memory is of my Dad trying to gently help me pull the tooth, but me asking him to stop as I was scared. He always stopped when I asked him to. I don’t remember it hurting so much as the dreaded “pop” when it would let go.

What are your memories of pulling those first teeth?


2 thoughts on “The Excitement of Losing those Baby Teeth

  1. snacksformax

    I don’t remember losing my own teeth, and Max hasn’t lost any yet. That said, the GETTING of the teeth has been quite the ordeal! I believe (hope/wish/dream) that they’re all in at this point, other than his adult teeth. I’ve shown Max the pictures in the book. What a great story for December!

    1. kvanek7 Post author

      Growing in those teeth is such a growth step for our wee ones. Losing them is bittersweet and exciting. I’m glad Max likes the pictures. As I’ve been reading the book at schools, I’ve so enjoyed the looks of wonder on the children’s faces. One 2nd grader even came up to me with his tooth in hand while I was reading the story about a child losing her teeth. How serendipitous, I’d say.


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