Practice Economy in 2013

I love estate sales although they sometimes reveal too much about the owners who left behind these treasures:

I didn’t know my neighbors had such a wealth of treasures within their everyday looking home.

I wonder where these folks are now?

I wonder why no one in the family wanted these treasures?

I wonder why anyone would keep so much stuff?

Recently I attended the estate sale of an elderly couple who had hundreds of repeat items: over 200 fishing rods and reels, five washboards – who needs more than one? Do you use a separate one for colors and whites? Every clothes pin ever encountered, and a myriad of other treasures.

What caught my eye, though, was a bucket of seventeen, rusted hand saws. This bucket of decrepit repeats really spoke to me. What message was I to receive from this excess?bucket of old saws

Words are the tools of writers just as saws are to the carpenter. As a writer, I am reminded of the oft repeated criticism of my writing: “use fewer words” or “get to the point quicker.”  There comes a point where getting the right angle on an idea or a project requires economy. Choosing the right tool creates that economy. Repeated use of any tool lessens the value of the final product.

My New Year’s Resolution is to practice economy of words.

What writing goal do you aspire to in this new year?


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