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The Many Gifts of Playtime

Puzzles, Leggos, dolls, and oh so many more gifts provide opportunities for children to use that right-brain, creative side of themselves. Don’t forget to add the magical ingredient: an adult to “play” alongside the little one. 740577_giddyup_horsey

Besides being fun for the child, the adult has the opportunity to model the importance of using the imagination. The insights into your child’s amazing brain can be priceless with this investment of your time.

For example, during play time spent with my grandchildren, they created a scenario where the six-year-old was explaining many basics of our culture to the four-year-old who was supposed to have come from another planet.

Their simple dialogue was so pure and precious to hear. They discussed the meaning of love and family. His questions probed deeper into the basics and she came up with pure and simple answers. Their conversation went something like this:

He: What do you mean by love?

She:  Love is what families share.

He: What is a family?

She: A family is parents and children who take care of each other.

He: What are parents?

She: Parents are who brings babies home to take care of until they’re grown.

He: What’s a baby?

She: A small, helpless human who needs love and care.

He: What’s a human.

She: I’m a human.

He: Oh.

I felt honored to be included as a participant in this personal conversation. They were not the least hesitant to be open and honest in my presence because I’m in included in their inner circle so often.

My heart swelled with pride at the compassion and tenderness she showed about family values. His continued digging into the meaning of her words also inspired me with his logic and good listening skills.

I would have missed this opportunity to glimpse into their hearts  and minds if I hadn’t said yes, to the ongoing invitation to “play with us.” That’s another blessing of being a grandparent. That’s another reason I wrote the book.

I hope you also confirm the RSVP to this invitation as often as you can. The blessings you will achieve are more precious than gold.


Losing baby teeth

For me, the time as a parent when my children began losing those first baby teeth was both magical and poignant.

The magic began with passing on the tradition of believing in the tooth fairy. As a young parent, this presents many questions:

  • What do I want my child to believe about the Tooth Fairy?
  • What do we put the tooth in?
  • How much money do we put in place of the tooth?
  • Should the Tooth Fairy leave a note?
  • What do we do with the tooth once it’s retrieved from under the pillow?

baby teeth, losing a tooth, tooth fairy

Preparing for the first visit of the Tooth Fairy is fun, but also sad in knowing that this is another step toward your child’s growing up. Just like crawling and those tentative first steps, a parent knows that each necessary stage in the growth process leads their child to independence and moving into adulthood when we sometimes want to just keep them little so that we can protect them from the grown-up world.