About the Book

book cover, Santa Claus Meets the Tooth Fairy by Karen Vanek and Sharon Vanek SchmidtWhen six-year-old Amanda finally loses her first tooth on Christmas Eve, she is sad because she thinks that both Santa and the Tooth Fairy cannot visit on the same night.

Mom convinces her to put her tooth under her pillow anyway just to see what might happen. Amanda does so and wishes for the Tooth Fairy to meet Santa.

Her wish comes true when these beloved characters meet and befriend each other, leaving evidence for Amanda of their new-found friendship. In addition, Santa gets an important lesson about dental health from Tooth Fairy that applies to all children.


8 thoughts on “About the Book

  1. KidLitReviews

    This sounds adorable. I guess Santa would have questionable teeth after eating so many cookies and drinking all that milk left for him. I wonder, does Santa and the Easter Bunny put their fallen teeth under their pillows for the Tooth Fairy? Does the Tooth Fairy have a stocking hung up for Santa to fill? What about the Great Pumpkin? The questions this one book brings to mind are enormous. Oh, my head is going to explode!

    I am going to follow you around and maybe my questions will find answers.

    1. kvanek7 Post author

      Haha thanks so much for your enthusiasm! Yes, lots of fantastical thinking went into the book, and I’m thinking there would need to be a follow-up to answer ALL of those questions!

  2. randycoates

    There could be a whole series of books based on this concept: when the characters that we think of for different seasonal events meet in strange ways. What kinds of conversations would they have, for example?


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